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We write periodically, whenever we answer to a repeated job search questions.  We interact with HR and recruiters in a wide range of industry, we capture their messages for job seekers and share on the blog for job seekers aiming to find work in Metro Vancouver.  
If you want us to find answers to your questions regarding job search or the job market, send us an email or message us through social media. We will do our part to find answers for you.



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Job fairs scenes in Vancouver

Let’s look at different kinds of job fairs in the city. Last three years, I attended more than 40 small ...
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To Call or Not to Call

This question came up in my recent job search boot camp session. A young lady from Korea applied for an ...
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What Can Recruiters Do For Me?

I spoke to a Ph.D. graduate this morning. He thought recruiters call companies to find a job for him.  It ...
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