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for the Canadian Job Market

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One2one Job Search Bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive and personalized solutions that we have created. Using our in-house designed job search coaching materials and methods, we help you throughout the entire job search process. Starting from self-assessment, goal setting, building a strong resume and interview performance to closing the cycle with a job offer.

What to Expect

While we don't spoon feed you a job, we become your personal job search coach throughout the process of assisting you in finding gainful employment in Canada. There is also ongoing mentoring and support after you complete the bootcamp sessions until you are happily employed.

6 or 9 hours of one2one by a dedicated career education expert.

Based on personalized schedule and pace.

You are a student, recent graduate, new immigrant or hoping to make career transition.

You are not happy with current job search success or under-employed.

Coaching Method and Sequence


An important starting point, collecting information on your learning and employment patterns, successes, challenges and potential obstacles.

Understanding Skills and Achievements

You will learn the concepts and application of “functional skills” as they relate to your specific industry. You will also learn how to add your achievements in a way that will appeal to the employer.

Mock Interview

Voice or video recorded mock interviews, followed by immediate feedback and corrections. This is repeated until the performance is matching the level expected in the job market.

Job Search Tools

Be able to work with the most favourable job search platforms to identify the most appealing jobs, learn the best procedure to track attractive job posts and how to access the hidden job market. The best jobs are often not advertised in the traditional places and we will help you discover these hidden gems.

Preparing for The Interview

Learn the most effective approach to Canadian job interviews, focusing on cultural and self-promotional aspects and the best way of preparing for interviews. You will also learn how to handle situational challenges.

Job Market Knowledge

Add job market intelligence to your job search by being familiar with job boards, industry directories, LinkedIn and NOC resources.

Handling Obstacles

Working with immediate and potential obstacles, such as applying for too many or mismatching jobs, working without strategies and priorities, poor record management, lack of confidence, verbal and non-verbal issues to name a few.

Follow Up on Applications

Learn and practice how to chase down decision makers in a company. This is a key concept and one of the most important and least used techniques.

Rewrite Resume & Cover Letter

Making your marketing tools lean, promotional and targeted to the correct job or industry.

Job Application Experience

You will go through an exercise to apply for a specific job posting. It includes finding a real job post, submitting a resume, cover letter, follow-up call and a phone interview.

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Recent Achievements

Rohan Kamble

Front Office Administrator at Mercedes-Benz Canada

“I can only rewind and learn how his mentorship has played an important role in my professional development in Canada. I highly recommend Dale for his perspicuous and unconventional recipes when it comes to mentoring, career coaching and networking. He quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and always provides helpful insights and ideas to contemplate. He’s unequivocally a strong asset to any company, campus and/or community.”

SB “For first-time job seekers in Canada, goal setting and prioritizing can become a difficult task. He was a well-rounded business management professional with great interpersonal skills. We helped him shape his job search priorities, with his job interview performance and resume.”

Daniel Pava Rincon

Booking Coordinator at DB Schenker

“Dale is a transparent and clear person, who put his efforts to transmit and share his job market knowledge and network in service of the people. I definitely recommend him to work with.”

SB “He was patient, hardworking and had great skills to share with Vancouver job market. We navigated his employment potential together and improved his job interview performance over multiple occasions. And when his interview performance reached a level that will appeal strong, we connected Daniel with the job market”.

Elif Ceyda Kucuk

Interior architect at Peregrine Build

“Springboard Agency is my first choice of call for career advise and job search strategy since I came to Vancouver. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone in need of a new job to rely on their excellent job market knowledge, industry network and interview support.”

SB “We saw that her past commercial design experience had great potential and value in Vancouver. Helped her with job interview preparation and showed her way into a hidden job opportunity”.

Danielle Barp

Buyer at D-Wave Systems Inc.

“I absolutely recommend Springboard Agency for anyone that is aiming to make new career path in Canada. Because of the work we've done together in analyzing my profile, career goals and transferrable skills, I was able to focus my job search to an industry that happens to be my great passion. I truly couldn't be more thankful. Besides the great vision, he is dedicated, professional, straightforward.”

SB “We kept her job search focus to one industry and one role. Worked on targeted her resume just for that and repeated mock interview until it was competitive”.