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Do you relate to any of these challenges?


  70-80% of jobs are hidden I am told. Where can I find it?
  I am not getting any response for over 50 job applications submitted. Should I apply for more jobs?
  Nobody wants to hire me without prior Canadian work experience.
  I am underemployed and stuck in this cycle. How do I get out?


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Check out our One2one Job Search Boot Camp and various Job finding stages set up for skilled international talents.

Our Story

“A job is not just a way of making a living. It should grow you as a professional at work and also provide you with peace in life to plan ahead.”


Springboard Agency is operated by an entrepreneur who immigrated to Vancouver, BC at his teenage years.

In the earlier part of his work-life in Canada, like many other new immigrants, he blindly navigated through job market, workplace expectations, and a barrier of language without any proper supporting network, and guidance by others. He had first-hand experience of challenges that comes with establishing a career path in Canada.

Past 15 years of his work-life was dedicated to placing international talents to a first or second job in Canada.

Leading foreign-trained professionals to employment success in Canada takes great ability to look for job seeker’s most appealing skills, to set realistic and yet highest possible employment potential, to liaise with local employers in a subtle but persistent manner, to give right to the point job interview training and anything over and beyond to make the first time job seeker outshine others.

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Industry Recognition

Tawsif Dowla, MATM

Tourism/Hospitality Professional and Educator

Vancouver, BC

I had the privilege of working with Dale for over five years on both sides of the spectrum; from hiring his candidates to work together as an instructor. He has a keen eye in finding the right candidate for the proper employment. He is very supportive in helping the candidates make their winning resume. Working many years with hiring decision makers have given Dale a unique perspective on what really goes on in the interview room. He had been using such knowledge in preparing the candidates efficiently and effectively. 

Rosa Maria Troes

President at Canada Intercambio

Vancouver, BC

I've been working in partnership with Dale for the last couple years and I absolutely recommend his work to any student or professional committed to developing a career plan and direction. Dale has a great talent for mentoring and setting realistic career goals based on one's profile and experience. He has definitely done an amazing job with our students.